Sunday, December 9, 2007

Land of Opportunities

It's pretty cool living near New York City. There are so many opportunities and so many interesting and wonderful things to do and see.

I was notified this week that I have been selected to participate in a televised debate focus group on the Fox News Channel on Wednesday, December 12, 2007. I will watch the Republican Debate (from Iowa) in the FNC Studio with others in the focus group and then will comment on the debate. From what I can tell now, the debate will be broadcast live on FNC beginning at 2pm EST. I have been told that the focus group will also appear on Hannity and Colmes Wednesday evening. I really enjoy Sean Hannity's radio program and listen to it quite regularly. The Hannity and Colmes TV show is not as enjoyable, too much arguing.

Anyway, my good friend and colleague Fr. Daniel Grams has also been selected. Imagine that! Two LCMS pastors appearing in a focus group on FNC! The agreement that I will have to sign states that I cannot "post or publish any information online or in print about the contents and experience of this focus group", but I'm hoping to be able to post a link to some video footage of what is actually broadcast after the fact. Very exciting!


Fr. J. Sollberger said...

Blessings, Brother, on your teleivised experience/appearance (as well, to Brother Grams). We in the sticks don't get these cultural/scocietal opportunities; radio out here consists mainly of country music and farm bureau reports.

See if you can stick in an innocuous Behnke quote somehwere - just to see the hot-heads junp at another opportunity to kill.

At any rate, be sure to say something controversial, if you ever want to do this again. Brother Dan may beat you to the punch, however.

Break a leg, Yankee.

Brother Jon

Luke said...


Focus group watching a debate from Iowa in New York. Not bad.

But the real action is out here IN Iowa. You haven't lived until you have all these guys trapezing through your town and getting daily telephone polling calls (both legitimate and push-polling).

Two LCMS pastors in one poll group. Something tells me that this is going to ruin the time-space continuum.

Will be looking for you guys on the broadcast. Someone needs to bring the John 3:16 sign.

L. Zimmerman

Fr. J. Sollberger said...

Ah yes, the famous IOWA polls, known for the infamous infiltration of too many politicians scurrying about... Is this where we get the acronym "Idiots Out Walking Around"?

Just curious; it seems likely to me.