Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh, the Places You See and the People You Meet

Pawling, New York is a quiet, comfortable, and seemingly safe little village..., that just happens to be located about 60 miles north of Manhattan. We have our share of celebrities as locals: Soledad O'Brien, James Earl Jones, Sally Jesse Rafael to name a few. But then there are those just passing through. Yesterday, as I was leaving Dutchess Rehabilitation Center (a nursing home and physical rehab. center) I passed by Richard Simmons in his red, white, and blue, stars and stripes gym shorts and a strappy tank top, frizzy perm and all. He was surrounded by a group of Jewish men wearing yarmulkes. Dutchess Rehab. has a bariatric unit that works with extremely obese men and women. I'm guessing that is why Simmons was there. Thanks God for making life interesting.


Pastor J. Sollberger said...

I do not believe that the imagination could conceive of a fiction on par with what you witnessed on an average Wednesday: Richard Simmons cavorting around with obese Jews. If that isn't a sign of the eschaton, I don't know what is...

J.G.F. said...

Hey... I can top that. One of the members of my congregation is Stan (Abrahamsen) Ivar. He was the Tin Smith on Little House on the Prarie, and judge Harold Gleason in "The Practice." LOL!

He's a great guy and always at the Lord's Table when he is in li'l ole Center Moriches, L.I. Besides Flight 800, he's our "claim to fame" :-)

Hope all is well, Jon!